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Katya uncontrollably wanted him caress, but nevertheless resisted a little. It was not pleasant to her, when her former men touched her breasts. But this time all was in another way. From tender and accurate movements of his cool fingers of her nipples immediately have hardened and the bottom of a stomach has filled in burning heat. She is gentle suck his sweet lips. He, in a step to movements of her tongue, caress her firm nipples. The boy has compressed her nipples between fingers, strong, but intolerably pleasantly and began knead her swell of a breast... Losing the control above herself, she was pulled to kiss him. The girl felt, how till her legs expired her juice. She plentifully expired with love juices, as never earlier. She press tight thigh on him and has felt his firm cock through clothes. Having forgotten about confusion her hand has slipped downwards. She became caress his exited hot body. Girl want his cock and to kiss his. Boy began to stroke gently by one hand her stomach, legs, was lowered all below and below and … she was convulsively vibrate, when he by tender fingers began to caress an entrance in her vagina. To bear there were no more forces. Inside her vagina all burned and want him caress. But boy did not hurry up. Girl did not restrain any more and shouted, when he has penetrated into her pussy by two fingers and simply fuck by them. Girl beat spasmes, her vote was broken. Her hot pussy was compressed from orgasm and more, and again … Under the end she languid, by hands has drawn still boy to herself. - it was pleasant to you? - Still ask, - Katya has press on him by all nude body. - I want to thank you, - Katya began to cover her boy with kisses, being lowered below, to a neck. His cock was already exited. Girl has clasped by his hand and naked the head. Became gently caress her at first one ÿçû÷êîì, then beginnings to kiss and suck his firm body. Boy hold her hair and see, how she does it. In the meantime girl, feeling his increasing excitation, was more and more started. His cock involuntarily strained, trying to penetrate into her small mouth all more deeply, but she so liked process, that she has decided to stretch pleasure. She clasped that him cock her puffy lips and moved on him upwards - downwards, that, feeling approximation orgasm, slowed down movement and already gently lick lips his head, quickly driving tongue on a bridle. He that strained, that, with a heavy exhalation weakened the beautiful body. Is similar on torture, - he has exhaled - you it is not pleasant? - has asked Katya, continuing caress his cock by a hand. - It is pleasant, but … I so want to terminate. She crafty has smiled and has continued. Boy hardly breathed and did not know, where itself to put. Soon his excitation has reached peak and Katya has felt it and hardly had time to ship his hot firm cock to itself in a mouth, as he began roughly to throw up sperm. ....


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