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Act defloration in bathroom

I have reset my dress and has removed panties. In bathroom I go naked. Having twisted before a mirror I began myself caress. From mine pussy the juice, which on my legs has begun to flow. Nipples on my small breasts is hard. I have directed a stream of hot water, between young legs. The pleasant heat began to be spilled on my body. Having begun to stimulate small pussy, I moved my thighs and beginnings groan. I have not heard as a door in âàííóþ has opened, and my friend appear. I moved thighs and groaned. The curtain was suddenly removed and i see my friend . He is smiled. From a fright I badly have terminated in a bath.
- What you do? - I have asked.
- You at me beautiful! - he has said.
His hand caress my naked virgin body. - I naked! - I have forgotten that I naked and stand up in a bath. My friend all has seen. On my naked young body the drops of water ran. He held me by two hands. I was afraid. It was a little terrible. - I want you! I have closed eyes and has felt as he began to kiss me. He caress me on a back and continued to kiss. Between my legs began the flood. His hand began to stimulate mine vagina. One hand he caress mine pussy and another caress my firm breasts. I could not more anything understand and speak. He has come off mine puffy nipples. I has felt as his hand get out from mine pussy. Sweet sensation have begun to leave me. - No! - I have cried out. I have understood that too I want that he fuck me... Get up to mine thighs he plunged into mine crack. - As I long waited ýòîãî.- he said and immersing in the inside her hard cock. I all was bent from sweet of sensation. His cock entered all more deeply and more deeply into mine vagina. My nipples have begun even more strain and from my pussy was ever more poured the juice. His hand soon was all damp from mine juice. My back was curved by an arch. His hands have directed the large cock to an input to mine virgin pussy. - me I terribly - i said. - Be not afraid! - he smile he and has closed me a mouth by a hand and has come in me. . I wanted to cry, but his hand has not allowed and my groans have filled in bathroom. Pain a little left, but I was unable was will calm down. All my body shivered, delivering him pleasures there are more. He began me to calm. His cock entered me with each time all more deeply and more deeply. The movements him were accelerated. I felt, how mine vagina is filled by juice. The groans have escaped from my mouth. He began me roughly fuck me, it is ever more and more âãîíÿÿ the cock in me. I choked with ecstasy. The rate all was increased and was increased. I shouted. I was bent. His pushes everyone became deeper and more firmly. I have understood that he is going to to terminate. I have weakened thighs. From his throat the shout has escaped. And I have felt, as something in me is filled, he pressed in me the cock ever more and more and poured in in me his sperm...

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