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In my small ass something was rested large and firm - it was a cock of my friend. The girl is surprised and has shouted. She felt a hot man's hand, which stroke her young ass. This hand is dare and beginning to compress her ass. She was a shame . The girl not could anything say. The hand to push through on the internal party her thigh and has crept up to her panties. … its here was stored virgin small plump pussy.
The girl already had boy. But these of caress mixed up with fear and disgust for a unfamiliar, his rough hand. Her pussy is wet and it was appreciable even through a fabric her white panties.The stranger by two fingers has pressed on sexual lips of the young girl and from that to stand still in ecstasy. His hands lifted virgin asshole so, that she completely opened for caress unfamiliar man. Her hands tried to push away the cock and brain her still resisted, but vagina already is wet from desire.
The girl has heard hot whisper directly above ear: « place legs ». At the same moment she has obeyed the adult to the man, which will do with her everything, that wants and where wants. The girl is obedient has moved apart young legs. Its small ass was perfect. She silently whispered: « the Man already is not necessary it to do…. » He has lowered with not her wet panties. They is wet so, that in area vagina panties have stuck to pussy.
The large thick cock has come in her the gentle girl. The cock was large. He stretched and has filled in all flaring vagina of the young girl. The girl has bitten a lip. She simply suffered strong, impudent stallion in pure and bald pussy. The man began impudently fucked her virgin pussy....
The girl tried to constrain groans orgasm. She heard only as snivel her puffy current pussy. The man has seized her by a young breast and with force has compressed. The girl was curved in an arch. She stood by a dog position under the strong man and she plentifully has terminated.
The man hardly had time to stop up to her a mouth. Her pussy so was strongly compressed, that he could not keep more and the rich hot jet sperm has shot to the girl directly in her vagina, burning and filling him...

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